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What is Patta?

Patta (பட்டா) is one of the government-issued legal documents, in favor of the present landowner. It is also applicable for the lands, where the buildings and houses are constructed. Getting patta to your property will take quite long-time. But, nowadays the Government makes it easy to get patta online and save people’s valuable time.

Some Details that a Patta Contains about the Property. 

  • Taxation details
  • Land Area (Nila Alavai)
  • Land Type (Whether it is Punjai Nilam or Nanjai Nilam)
  • Survey Number
  • Owner(s) name
  • Serial number of the patta issued
  • Details about:




What is Patta Chitta Registration?

Getting your patta registered for a property or changing its ownership via name transfer is important since it is a verified revenue record. A patta chitta (பட்டா சிட்டா) therefore becomes a legal document with which one can prove his/her ownership (Nila Urimai Patta).

As for the relevant authority in Chennai or the rest of Tamilnadu Government, a pattachitta is usually kept in the tahsildar’s office in a record register known as ‘chitta’. 

Thanks to technology, online patta registration, online patta transfer and online patta name change facility is now available on any computer. As we mentioned earlier, it is a must have document for all types of property owners. Different types of properties have different patta types.

Online patta registration is done for the following types of land.

  • Non-Natham land
  • Non-Municipal land
  • Non-Corporation land

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Benefits of Patta Registration

Here we present you with some more benefits of having a registered patta for your real estate property. 

  • Useful in getting compensation in case the government decides to ascertain your land/plot.
  • Valid as a legal document in the court of law.
  • It is also useful in case you wish to have a legal joint patta ownership of a property with a family member or a business partner.

Patta Registration Process Online

In case you are interested in proceeding to register a patta for your property online, follow these steps as a procedure to submit your application and get patta chitta for your property.

Step 1: Go to this website of the Tamil Nadu state government. Choose a language that you comfortable with. (English or Tamil) 

Step 2: From the drop-down menu, choose the option that says ‘View Patta & FMB/Chitta/TSLR Extract’

Step 3: After doing this, choose the location of your property.

Step 4: Next up, you will have to fill up all the required details related to the property that you wish to get the patta for.

If you face any difficulties in your online patta registration, our consultants are always there to help you in each and every steps mentioned above. 

Here are Some Important Links for All the Owners of Property

Purpose Link
Checking Status
Checking Validity

The fee for online application for a patta is just 100. It is a good practice to make sure that your property’s patta is valid and if not so to renew the same. It is also a safe choice to keep a patta copy with you to stay on the safe side.

But do remember that without a valid survey number, you won’t be able to get a patta registered. Our consultants will be glad to help you to get this issue resolved.

Additional Types of Registers

We did mention chitta before and explained about its purpose. Here are a couple more as an additional information.

  • Adangal

The main feature of this one is that it contains all the information about survey data and numbers for an entire village. Some more details that are registered are:

  1. Survey number with the respective owner’s details 
  2. Land usage type
  3. Patta Number
  • Padhivedu

 Additional information which is stored in a Padhivedu is:

  1. Clause Number 
  2. Land Type

Patta Name Transfer Online (Online Patta Maruthal Vinnappam)

If you are thinking about buying a property in Chennai, transfer of patta is something that you must have a knowledge about. After all, it is the only way in which you can legally claim ownership on whatever real estate that you happen to buy.

Some cases in which you should consider patta transfer are:

  • When an elderly family member dies without leaving a will for the possible heirs.
  • In case the elderly member does leave a will before his/her death, patta transfer can be done with the condition of mutual consent amongst the heirs.
  • Any form of purchasing or selling of property in the form of land, house, building etc.

Types of Patta Transfer That You Can Do

  • Individual transfer 
  • Joint patta (kootu patta) transfer 
  • Joint patta (kootu patta) to individual patta transfer 

Documents for Getting a Patta Name Transfer Online (Patta Maruthal Vinnappam Online)

Here is a list of documents that are necessary for a successful sub division patta transfer.

  1. Application for patta transfer. (Duly signed by both the parties)
  2. Photostat copy of your Aadhar card
  3. Copy of the bank challan used to pay the survey number fee. 
  4. Certification of Encumbrance (Villangam)
  5. Proof of possession such as: 
    -Receipt of property tax 
    -Electricity Bill 
  6. An attested photostat copy of the sale deed. (Along with original for authentication by the relevant government official)

You can always check your sub division patta status online here.

How To Apply For A Patta Transfer?

After a period of fifteen days post registration of the property purchase, you can write an application to the local taluk official requesting him to do the needful for the whole process. And also attach the relevant documents. (that we mentioned before) 

As for how to send your application, you make use of the registered post method. If all your details are correct and documentation is perfect, you can expect the transfer to get completed within just fifteen days.

In case you don’t get a response after a period of one month, do file an RTI request under the Right To Information Act to enquire about your application’s name change status.

Need an Experienced Agent To Help You?

Are you facing any kind of difficulty while registering or transferring a patta in Chennai Corporation? Our patta consultant in Chennai is here to help you.

  • Transfer of Property Act
  • Succession
  • Orders from state

Most of our clients do not know the process of how to applying for it. However, our Patta consultant in Chennai knows about the right process to make your application successful. For the comprehensive Patta consultancy services Chennai, Tamil Nadu, we take all the steps for you.

  • Contact the local authority for the transfer of Patta
  • Submit the documents and copies to the relevant authorities
  • Change the Patta name to a different owner

When you are the owner of a property, we take your details and enclose them with your documents. We make sure that all those documents are relevant to the concerned plot. However, in the case of legal disputes, the applicant may need to visit the office of Tahsildar. Thus, hire our patta consultants and apply for Patta.

Patta transfer may take time. However, with our skills and knowledge, we make the process easier for you. Our team will check out whether you have to submit additional documents for transfer. While your transfer application is not feasible, we will tell you the reasons behind it. The Tahsildar can accept or reject the application after reviewing your property and all the related documents. However, to avoid the rejection, you can rely on our Patta name transfer agent in Chennai.

Why Choose Our Patta Brokers?

  • We make out all your needs and then prepare your applications, based on the requirements and guidelines of the particular authority.
  • Our team always gets the updated information on the Patta.
  • We make the best effort for addressing the issues and questions raised by any authority.
  • We deal with all the document and related to Patta.

Thus, for Patta name transfer, Our property consultant in Chennai have set up the best platform for you. Don’t hesitate to ask any of your queries and we will do our best to resolve any issues that you are facing.

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