Things You Should Know About How to Get Patta For A Registered Land.

how to get Patta For A Registered Land

Everything You Should Know About How to Get Patta For A Registered Land.

In Tamil, Nadu Patta is the record of ownership of land. It contains relating entries to the extent the duration of landholding too. It has mainly issued in acres or hectares for the village properties. Computerized Pattas have published in the state for all the village properties, and it bears signatures of the Tahsildar, the Deputy Tahsildar or the Zonal Deputy Tahsildar. These computerized Pattas are in the issue since 2008.

Before moving on further on the topic, let us give you a clear idea about what Patta is. Patta is the legal proof of someone owning a land. The Patta under your name is proof that you are the legal landowners. It contains all the property specifications and the owner’s details.

how to get Patta For A Registered Land

Patta land registration in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the third state after Kerala and Andhra Pradesh to have computerized Patta in its land records since 2008. The procedure is to prepare a sketch record by a drafter. However, computerized Patta does not require sketches. In 2011, the state government of Tamil Nadu had changed the procedure, and now the applicant has to approach the VAO (Village Administrative Officer) and submit the application.

In cases of exception, where there are no sub-divisions, the applicants should contact the taluk office with the original documents for verification. The applicant this way will be able to receive the Patta. In cases involving sub-division, applicants have to receive the order of the Patta transfer on the fourth Friday from the submission date of the application. The applicant has to pay the sub-division fee while receiving the Patta from the Tahsildar. This procedure will complete within thirty days.

Steps to get online Patta land registration in Tamil Nadu:

The Tamil Nadu government has made Patta Chitta process online to help the applicants.

You can follow the steps below to get online:

  • Log on to the Tamil Nadu Patta Chitta site. The Tamil Nadu government has made this website accessible in 2 languages. One in English and the other one is Tamil.
  • Go for the Patta extract and then pick the district where the land is situated. This will have different details like the Taluk, Villages and Wards and Blocks. This will also include survey numbers and subdivision numbers.
  • Depending upon the land details, a certificate will also be in the issue from the Town Survey Land Register, and it will get issued online. This certificate will consist of more information about the properties. It will contain such details as the construction type on the land, the civic door number, the kind of land, locality, survey number, type of the property etc.

Let’s say you want a Patta Chitta registration for land in Chennai, and now you know where to get Patta for land in Chennai.

So, now you know how to get Patta for land in Chennai or anywhere in Tamil Nadu. Here are further essential things you may want to know before or after you have done your Patta land registration in Tamil Nadu.

Patta Chitta Transfer:

Patta land registration in TamilNadu

Patta is confirmed by the taluka office concerned. However, if a potential buyer or bankers are interested in your land and they want to buy the property, they may want to see the documents showing that the concerned taluka office verifies the Patta Chitta. In these cases, you can go to the village administrative officer or relevant taluka office. If you want to transfer the Patta Chitta, an application has to be given in to in the request form available.

Patta transfer: Required Documents

The documents that have to be submitted for a Patta transfer in consort with the Patta transfer application are:

  • A signed Patta transfer application
  • A copy of the sale deed. You should also show them the original one for confirmation
  • Possession proof such as land tax receipt
  • The encumbrance certificate

This article has mentioned every important thing one may need to know about Patta for registered land. We hope this will help you.

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