The Importance of a Patta in Land Ownership

The Importance of a Patta in Land Ownership

Land ownership is a critical aspect of property rights and is essential for the development of a country. In India, the process of land ownership is governed by the Patta system. Patta, also known as Chitta in some states, is a legal document that serves as proof of ownership for a piece of land. It […]

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Tamil Nadu Land Measurement Association

Tamil Nadu Land Measurement Association has appreciated and honoured us for providing good service to the people regarding all patta certification, giving correctly all patta details to the officer. That makes the verification process easy and also helped to speedup the process. Read More
How to Apply for Patta transfer

How To Apply For Patta Transfer

Patta transfer is an important procedure that a TamilNadu resident should apply when there’s a change of ownership of the land. It involves accomplishing a legal document to honor the new owner. There are three instances that such a transfer will follow. When the owner of the land passed away without leaving a will or […]

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Legally Verified

How To Check If Your Property Is Legally Clear

Property investment in Chennai involves a large amount of money. Hence, it is with utmost importance to research every detail and follow through a property check procedure to ensure legitimacy. Apart from this, purchasing a property entails a sensitive, meticulous, and exhaustive process that a buyer or an investor would need to undergo. By saying […]

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How To Check If Your Property Is Legally Verified

Verifying a property before buying is a must these days given the staggering amount of fraud that is committed on the part of builders and sellers. Most of the buyers think that buying property from a branded builder is a solution to all their problems, but it not. Getting all the legal documents checked via […]

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How To Check If Your Plot Is DTCP Approved Or Not

How To Check If Your Plot Is DTCP Approved Or Not

The real estate business is a trendy business these days. Investing in a real estate business will always mean that sooner or later, you are going to end up in profit for sure. The real estate business includes gated communities, plots and apartments, villas, and so on. In this DTCP approval is important for every [...] Read More
How to check genuinity of the propety

How To Know The Genuinity Of The Property You Are Buying?

How To Know The Genuinity Of The Property You Are Buying? Nowadays, a lot of people are getting properties and real estate. So, even though checking out the property, make sure you have the funds, and such things are very important, it is even more important to be safe from being the victim of a […]

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How To Get Clearance For Building Construction?

Do you have an ancestral house that you want to renovate? If you want to add a pinch of modernism it, you need to do some painstaking task. Getting a building approval these days have really become tough. You need clearances from different government departments. However, in today’s hectic world, when we don’t have the […]

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Everything You Need To Know About Property Recovery Management

If you are the owner of a place does not mean you also possess the place. Meaning, being the owner of something, and have possession of something are two different things. An owner is someone who owns something. A person who has the possession of something is someone who can control or in some places, […]

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Legal opinion on the property

Why is it Important to Have a Legal Opinion on the Property?

There are a lot of documents related to buying a home nowadays. Thus, buyers have to start being more careful. Because, more the papers, more the chances of being a fraud. There are sale deeds, mother deeds, electricity bills, tax receipts, and other things that you, as a buyer, need to check before buying immovable […]

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