How To Get Your Patta Document For Your Agricultural Land?

How To Get Your Patta Document For Your Agricultural Land

How To Get Your Patta Document For Your Agricultural Land?

The VAO or Village administrative officer maintains the Taluk issues this land revenue document, and the Chitta consists of the relevant information of the land specifying ownership, size, and area. The two classifications of land are Nanjai and Punjai. The process of filling and getting hold of the document can really become complicated if you do not know the process. In this article, you will find everything about Patta and its various steps. It is very easy to fill out the form according to the instructions given.

How To Get Your Patta Document For Your Agricultural Land

First, the land buyer has to go to the office of the Tahsildar to acquire the Patta. All details regarding your and proof of all the documents will be mentioned in it, and you will have to pay the guy in the office some amount of money to get the physical copies printed out for the documents.

There will also be a survey number in the application document, which will be in front of the Division/Sub Division number. It is very easy if you are following the steps and going about the process for patta for agricultural land. You can also take help from patta brokers in Chennai.

  1. The Patta Chitta website of Tamil Nadu is available in both English and Tamil.
  2. Choose the district where your property is located and select the Chitta/ TSLR extract/ Patta & FMB. One must require all the details relating to the property for Chitta and Patta. All the details of the Ward and block, Taluk, Village, Survey and sub-division Number will be available in it.

Patta is the legal proof that the person owns the land. A person is the legal owner of the property when the Patta is registered under his or her name, and it is certainly a very important document. The Patta will contain all the details of the owner and the specifications of the property.

What is a Patta

This is a very important document, and one must be very careful in arranging all the documents in time and taking it to the taluk office. The government officials to be a part of scrutinizing and approval of the documentation are – The Field surveyor, the village administrative officer, and The Zonal /Headquarter deputy Tahsildar and the revenue inspector.

Few things to know

  • If the land is registered on your name in the office of the Sub-registrar, that means you have submitted the subdivision fees and have the survey number (for the partial property) and the transfer application for Patta. The law mandates this procedure from 1984.
  • You must Go to the taluk office and enquire with the Taluk Tahsildar after a while.
  • You can go and apply for a patta transfer with the needed documents if you inherit the property after the owner. You can go to the e service in the taluk office and get it done

Required Documents to Get Patta

  • Original Document(for Verification and scanning)
  • Photocopy of the parent documents
  • From the date of registration of the deed, the EC was taken from registrar’s office
  • An old patta copy that one can obtain from the website

The following government officials will be involved for scrutinizing and approving the application.

  • Village Administrative Officer
  • Revenue Inspector
  • Field Surveyor
  • Zonal/Headquarter Deputy Tahsildar

Here are a Few Important Things:-

Here are a few important things

The steps needed are:

  1. The application document that you have filed for the Patta must be collected.
  2. Take down the subdivision and survey division number.
  3. You would have to try the next step by adding A, B, C, D if you purchased a chunk and the plot was divided. Leaving the one that is yours, others will belong to the others who are the buyers of the pre-vided plot
  4. A-Extract must be generated from the e-services from the taluk offices.
  5. Take down the Patta Number from A – Extract.
  6. From the e-services of the taluk offices generate your Patta document.

The above-mentioned information will give you all the details about filing a patta/Joint Patta of agricultural land and the documents required are mentioned here. The entire process is very simple and requires you to follow the guidelines.

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