Patta Document – Know Everything About It

What is Patta

Patta Document – Know Everything About It

Nowadays, property buyers buy real estate or houses for various purposes. Some of them purchase it for accommodation, while others think of selling their property at a higher price in the future. However, in these transactions, you may also find the case of mischiefs and frauds.

Patta Document Know Everything About It

Some people claim the ownership of the vacant properties. Thus, all the sellers and buyers have to ensure that their chosen properties are free of all the fraud cases. Patta is the solution to this issue. All the residents and property sellers or buyers in Tamil Nadu have to know about it. Now, we have talked about everything, related to Patta.

What is Patta?

This is a very common question to the new property buyers. Tamil Nadu Government has issued one of the legal documents, Patta in favor of the actual landowner of a property. It is applicable to the lands that have individual houses or buildings.

You will be able to obtain the Patta from the office of Tahsildar, present in the particular administrative region. In a few cases, one property has several owners. However, Patta is not for every owner separately. Thus, in these instances, all co-owners will find their names, clearly mentioned in Patta. In every Patta, you can find different details, including

  • Village, district and taluk name
  • Owners’ name
  • Patta Number
  • Subdivision and survey number
  • Mentioning the Dry or Wetland
  • Tax details and land area

What is Patta

Regarding the ownership, all the above records are highly essential. The transactions, related to the landed property, need Patta. You may also use it for establishing your ownership rights in the law court. Compensation for any Government-acquired land is one of the major issues. However, while the property owner has Patta in his own name, he can solve this problem. Thus, remuneration and property ownership are obtainable without much hassle.

What is the Procedure to Get Patta?

Most of have questions on the process to obtain the Patta successfully. One of the common ways to have it is to send the application to Tahsildar. You have to make an appeal rightly for issuing Patta for your own purpose. During this application process, you have to prepare all the documents and details. You need to inform whether the property is in your own name or has joint holdings.

Procedure to Get Patta

At present, Patta applicants have the opportunity to go through a computerized process. Thus, you have to deal with digital records, and it has made everything easier. For the offline process, you may approach the Taluka office. However, to have Patta in Chennai, it is better to choose the best patta agent in Chennai or go with online mode, but its little difficult process.

  • At first, you have to visit the official site for Tamil Nadu Patta. This website is presently available in two different languages- Tamil and English. You may read the information at the site in any comprehensible language.
  • Then, choose your Extract for the concerned district, based on the location of your property.
  • This step is on the property details, relevant to get Patta. The information on the Block, Village, Taluk and Ward is essential. Sub Division Number and Survey Number is also essential.
  • After submitting the details, Town Survey Land Register will issue the certificate online. This certification reveals the information, like- the land type, locality, municipal door number and construction type, done on your property. You may also check out the validity of this certificate from the online site.

Thus, you can now easily find the answer of your question- How can I get Patta in Chennai?

You may think- What is the use of patta for land? Patta is essential for any vacant land, and it is proof of your lawful possession. The patta documents comprise the valuable details on property measurements and duration of holdings.

We must not overlook another relevant issue. The applicants have a question on how to get patta number with survey number. A land surveyor creates this survey number, and this is unique for your piece of land. The number helps in distinguishing the land and in maintaining a record. This record comprises all the details on the size, location and land ownership.

What are the Benefits to Get Patta Service From Private?

Some property buyers and sellers think of dealing with the process without any assistance. However, there are patta agents to help you. You can contact the SyedSmartDeal to avoid any mistake in the application process for patta vanguvathu eppadi.

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