How To Get NOC For School?

How to get NOC for school

How to Get NOC for School?

Right now, the government has mandated a NOC certificate for school. It doesn’t matter if you are planning to come up with the school, or you have an existing school, you must have a NOC certificate. Well, the purpose of the NOC certificate is to provide secondary school within a reasonable area for everyone. Well, the reasonable area that they have decided should be 5 kilometers.

How to get NOC for school

Another objective behind this rule is to provide secondary education to the meagre section of society. And some of the weaker parts of the organization are educationally backward, economically weaker, disabled children, as well as girls. Moreover, they are also planning to provide education to marginalized categories like ST, SC, and OBC. Therefore, we are going to describe how to get NOC certificate for school in Chennai.

What is the Application Requirement for the Established Schools?

  • Anyone who is about to open a high school or any educational institution should seek NOC from the government.
  • You have to provide an application to the competent authority to get NOC, and you have to submit that application in the prescribed form.
  • Well, you must apply for online entry.
  • Besides, you have to pay a sum of INR 1000 along with the application. You must submit the money to the Government treasury only.
  • The applications that the competent authority will receive will be registered in the register of form. Moreover, the administration will duly acknowledge your application.

Documents That You Have to Submit Along with the Application?

  • A challan receipt that shows that you have paid the fees.
  • A sketch map of the Grama Panchayat that signifies the location of the proposed school, site of the schools that are serving nearby, and other things.
  • The clearing certificate from the government.
  • Some copies that signify the title of the school over the area.
  • A financial statement that will show that there is an adequate financial resource to pay the people involved with the school or the organization. Also, they have to make sure that they will not ask for any government grants
  • Also, they have to make sure about the surrounding of the school building is healthy. Besides, proper sanitation should be there. Also, that place must be fireproof and has facilities in sports and libraries.

What are the Conditions of NOC?

  • The school or the institution should have a separate governing body.
  • If you fail to construct the school within the given time, the authority will withdraw NOC.
  • The private schools should come up with rules to recruit the employees and will provide them with the conditions of service.
  • The governing body should be competent to take any disciplinary actions against employees who are not compatible with the rules.
  • The qualification of the teaching staffs and the head should be the same as written in the documents.
  • The school must get in touch with parents before revising the fee structure. Also, you cannot alter the fee of the school in the mid of the session.
  • The school must maintain the attendance certificate so that they can submit it to the secondary board.

Conditions for NOC

What About the Grant of the NOC?

  • The Competent Authority will go through every application precisely. The body will do this to comprehend if the organization is meeting all the requirements.
  • The competent authority will transfer the applications to the higher authority.
  • After that, the higher authority will consider all the applications and determine the educational needs of the local area.
  • After considering the educational needs of that area, the authority will make the decision. After that, they will approve the proposal for the NOC issue.

So, these are things that you have to do if you want to get NOC for school.

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