All You Need to Know About Property Approval – DTCP and CMDA

Need to Know About Property Approval

What is CMDA Approval?

At first, let us acknowledge the full form of CMDA. Well, the whole way of CMDA is the Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority. Now let us fathom the definition of CMDA approval. Well, if anyone is saying that CMDA approves his or her plot, make sure that the CMDA has approved it.

To be precise, you can use that plot for the real estate transaction. Also, the owner can make use of his or her scheme according to his or her preference. Therefore, it is the basic definition of CMDA approval. If you want to know some more details about it, you can get in touch with a CMDA approval consultant in Chennai.

How to Get CMDA Approval for Patta land?

Well, the sole purpose of CMDA is to regulate the real estate of Chennai. These days, it became easier to obtain the CMDA approval for Patta land. Well, there are some guidelines that the authority has set up. The body only approves only those people who confirm that they will use the plot for which it was designed according to the master plan. Once you obtain the approval as a builder, you have to make sure to construct the building within the given time. In case, if the CMDA finds any anomaly, and they have the right to withdraw your approval.

Need to Know About Property Approval

What is DTCP Approval?

Well, all the metropolitan cities like Chennai are gaining population. And as a result of that, people require more housing and land. For that reason, the city is expanding its area. To be precise, the city is expanding in all directions. Well, CMDA governs the core area of the city, while the DTCP (Directorate of Town and Country Planning) governs the outskirts. They have the authority to approve the layouts.

Also, they are the one who is responsible for verifying the compliances. Well, compared to the lands governed by CMDA, the DTCP lands are pretty reasonable in price. There are numerous layouts that DTCP approves like housing layouts, industrial layouts, and educational layouts. If you have some more confusion about DTCP, you can get in touch with a DTCP Approval consultant in Chennai. They will give answers to all your queries.

How to Get DTCP Approval for Patta land?

Now, let us comprehend the method of DTCP approval. Well, DTCP is responsible for all the developmental activities. Besides, they are also responsible for regulating the town planning in Chennai, as well as in the suburbs. Also, the plan of the districts is under the monitor of DTCP. Well, to get the DTCP approval, one has to make sure that he or she will use the land for the purpose, which was written in the master plan. Once the DTCP approves for the building, no one can demolish the building. Well, while applying for the DTCP approval, you have to make sure that your plot is compatible with all the guidelines of DTCP.


Well, there are some differences between CMDA and DTCP. Now, let us fathom the differences between these two.


Difference in Case of Jurisdiction

Well, DTCP is in charge of jurisdiction approval in the case of most of the Tamil Nadu, except the places under CMDA. And that consists of both plan and non-plan area. To be precise, it works under the regulations of the Housing and Urban Development of the Secretariat.

On the other hand, CMDA is a statutory body, as well as the nodal agency that is responsible for the planning of the Chennai Metropolitan area. Well, Chennai Metropolitan Area consists of a total of 1189 The area includes seven municipalities, Chennai Corporation, 179 villages, twelve town panchayats, and ten panchayat unions.

Difference in Granting Approvals

Well, DTCP has the authority to grant permission for the local bodies. And they can give consent for both planned and non-planned areas. In other cases, the local planning committee under DTCP is responsible for granting layouts. Well, the CMDA has the authority to grant approvals for the ordinary buildings. Apart from the ordinary-buildings, they will permit the layouts of residential buildings, commercial buildings, institutional buildings, and some more. So, these are all the things that you need to acknowledge about CMDA and DTCP.

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