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How To Get Building Plan Approval For Residential Building In Chennai

The Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority has assigned the powers to the officials of the local bodies in that area to issue planning permission for residential buildings in Chennai. The Authority gives Planning Permission under the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act 1971.

The usual permissible categories are Industrial, Residential, and Institutional, and Commercial buildings in Chennai. To get the plan approval for residential Buildings or any other buildings in Chennai, you need to follow the procedure below. In this article, we have described all the processes, and the documents you need to get plan approval for a commercial building in Chennai.

How To Get Plan Approval For Residential Building In Chennai

Details Set by CMDA for the Execution of Planning Permission

The new streamlined procedures of the CMDA will ensure that you will get your approval in a faster and more convenient way. However, you need to follow the procedure properly described below. Before we start, what is the Planning Permission (PP) we are talking about?

The concept of planning permission is straightforward. You need this permission to build a development in Chennai. You will get your planning permission from the CMDA (Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority). The consent will be valid for three years from the date of issue.

How Can Someone Get a Plan Approval for Commercial or Residential buildings?

There are two categories of the application form there. Form ‘A’ is for laying the lands for business purposes only. However, form ‘B’ and form ‘C’ are the forms for undertaking the applicant or owner. You can also get an application form from the office of CMDA. The Chennai Corporation, Panchayat Union Offices, Municipalities, and Town Panchayats can provide you with these forms.

Documents You Need to Attach with Your Application:

You will get a detailed checklist of the documents you need to attach with the application forms. Form ‘A’ is only for laying outlands. So if you are looking for building constructions, you need to check the form ‘B’ and ‘C.’ Form ‘B’ should be signed by the original owner of the land, a licensed surveyor, an architect, and the power of attorney holder or leaseholder of the property. All this with the documents and the plans.

Where or Whom You Should File these Applications?

You will get these application forms from the Chennai Corporation, Municipalities, Panchayat Union Offices or the Town Panchayat depending on the location of the land you want to build a construction in. In some special cases of (the special buildings with ground+ 3 floors, and the multi-storeyed buildings with more than four floors) applications will directly be admitted in the CMDA.

On What Basis the Permission is Going to be Issued?

On what basis the permission issued

The officials will scrutiny your application for the agreement of land use. Now, what will they scrutiny? They will look for the contract for which the land is under the detailed development plan observance of the development regulations. If the officials are satisfied with how your plan matches the development regulations, the planning permission is going to be issued.

The officials of CMDA can refuse your plan if the plan does not satisfy the regulations properly. However, if your application form is refused, you can re-appeal to the government. The building plan inspector, The town planning officer or other officials from the CMDA will inspect your site.

Do You Have to Pay a License Fee if Your Application is Approved?

Well, if you get the plan approval for buildings by the CMDA officials, the officials, or the local body, you have to pay a development charge. This charge will depend on different things, such as the floor area, the locality of the land, and the proposed use of the land. There are some obligations you need to maintain as a developer: You as a developer should construct the development as per the plan approved by the officials and within the time mentioned on the permit.

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