Legal Advice on Property Dispute

legal advice on property dispute

Legal Advice on Property Dispute

Disputes on property among families after the death of a senior member are a commonplace occurrence in Chennai and elsewhere in the country. Legal advice on property dispute (including both movable and immovable) is a must if you wish to get your rightful share. The same is applicable for recovery of possession of property. We know how it feels when someone illegally occupies immovable personal assets like land. Our consultants are here to help you in getting legal solutions to matters like these in Chennai.

Most disputes are often resolvable at the family level but when one feels that his or her rightful share is not being given to them, they should definitely go for advice from an experienced professional on such property disputes. Whether the dispute is amongst brothers or sisters, we are here to help you in every possible manner. The court of law and several legislations have made several provisions to make sure that the rights of an individual are not compromised.

Generally, the disputes arise on the following properties:

Movable Property

The most common form of movable or tangible property is jewellery. Though the following are a part of this as well.

  • Vehicles like cars, motorcycles etc.
  • Art works like valuable painting
  • Laptops and other digital devices

Immovable Property

Mainly it is either one or the other of the following.

  • Land
  • Buildings
  • Villas or Bungalows
  • Houses

Causes of Property Disputes

Though it is always unfortunate if one gets involved in a dispute with his/her own family for property, such a dispute might arise due a variety of possibilities. Some of them are-

  1. If the deceased family member has not left a will and those in the family are unable to agree upon a distribution of the wealth that has been left behind.
  2. If the deceased has in fact left a will but the members have a hostile attitude towards a person or a group of people, the stated allocation of property might not take place as per the will of the deceased.
  3. Land disputes are common as well because of the huge possibility of disagreement among the family members.

The most common type of dispute is property dispute between brothers. It is irrelevant that which of these you happen to be a victim of, our consultants believe in giving their very best to make sure you get what is rightfully yours.

NRI Property Disputes

In case you happen to be living outside and your relatives are in India, there might be a chance that in the division of property in India, you might not be given a fair share. Another disturbing possibility is that you may not be given any share at all. Our consultants are well trained and experienced in these types of NRI property disputes as well.

We do realize the psychological and economic impact of not being able to claim your fair share. Therefore, we believe in providing only the best legal services when it comes to providing legal advice on property dispute.

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