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What is Patta?

Patta (பட்டா) is one of the government-issued legal documents, in favor of the present landowner. It is also applicable for the lands, where the buildings and houses are constructed. Getting patta to your property will take quite long-time. But, nowadays the Government makes it easy to get patta online and save people’s valuable time.

Some Details that a Patta Contains about the Property. 

  • Taxation details
  • Land Area (Nila Alavai)
  • Land Type (Whether it is Punjai Nilam or Nanjai Nilam)
  • Survey Number
  • Owner(s) name
  • Serial number of the patta issued
  • Details about:




What is Patta Chitta Registration?

Getting your patta registered for a property or changing its ownership via name transfer is important since it is a verified revenue record. A patta chitta (பட்டா சிட்டா) therefore becomes a legal document with which one can prove his/her ownership (Nila Urimai Patta).

As for the relevant authority in Chennai or the rest of Tamilnadu Government, a pattachitta is usually kept in the tahsildar’s office in a record register known as ‘chitta’. 

Thanks to technology, online patta registration, online patta transfer and online patta name change facility is now available on any computer. As we mentioned earlier, it is a must have document for all types of property owners. Different types of properties have different patta types.

Online patta registration is done for the following types of land.

  • Non-Natham land
  • Non-Municipal land
  • Non-Corporation land

Benefits of Patta Registration

Here we present you with some more benefits of having a registered patta for your real estate property. 

  • Useful in getting compensation in case the government decides to ascertain your land/plot.
  • Valid as a legal document in the court of law.
  • It is also useful in case you wish to have a legal joint patta ownership of a property with a family member or a business partner.
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