How To Correct A Name In Patta?

How To Correct A Name In Patta

How To Correct A Name In Patta?

Before indulging in more information, let us fathom the definition of Patta. Well, Patta is nothing by a land deed issued by the government. They provide this land deed to an individual or an organization. Well, the term Patta is a universal term amongst some of the places in India like Chennai. The government grants the Patta to an accepted cultivator. Also, that cultivator must have the land revenue exemption.

Now, if you are someone who is opting for Patta name correction in Chennai, you are in the right place. Here, we are going to discuss the Patta name correction procedure. It will ease out your confusion. Also, it will help you in the process of correcting the name in the Patta. So, here is everything that you need to know.

How To Correct A Name In Patta

Where Should You Apply if you Want to Change the Name in Patta?

Well, to change the name in Patta, you have to visit the Taluk office or the Village Administration Officer. You have to make sure that the VAO is of the property location. Well, if you are planning to submit it personally, you have to make sure that you get a receipt. In case, if you fail to obtain the receipt, you have to send it as a registered post. However, you have to make sure that you are using the required stamp paper.

What is the fee that you have to pay to Correct the Name in Patta?

Well, the fee depends on the clauses of the document. Depending on the clauses, the price may vary from INR 80 to INR 240.

How Should You Apply for it?

Now, you must comprehend the process of application for name correction in Patta. Well, the first thing that you have to do is to wait for 15 days after registration of the transaction. After 15 days, you have to apply to the concerned Taluk office for the change in name.

In the application, you have to write-‘I have bought the property as per the attached details of the original registration of the land/plot. I want the ownership of this land to be changed to my name as I have rightfully bought the same as per the clause mentioned.’

After that, you have to send this application by registered post, along with acknowledgment. Make sure to attach the entire required document with the application. Or else, there will be no point in applying.

How Long Tou Have to Wait for the Change of the Name in Patta?

In the case of ordinary Patta, it will change the name within 15 days. And in case of the Pattas with clause, it will 30 days.

Points to Take Care After Changing the Name in Patta

Points to take care after changing the name in Patta

Well, once you correct the name in Patta, you have to consider some of the points. Considering these points will help you to stay away from the problems in the future. Make sure to keep a copy of the registration, which you will find in the revenue department. Well, some of the points that you have to keep in mind are:

Chitta – It is a register that the governments in villages keep, specifying the lands that the individuals own.

Adangal – Well, Adangal is another register that consists of the entire survey numbers of the specific village.

Padhivedu – Padhivedu is a quite significant register. It consists of numerous details like the name of the owner who has the Patta, clause number, data number of the old land measurement, and the type of kand.

Map of the land – Well, this map consists of details like length and breadth of the property, and the shape of the property.

So, this is how you must change your name in Patta.

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