How To Get Clearance For Building Construction?


Do you have an ancestral house that you want to renovate? If you want to add a pinch of modernism it, you need to do some painstaking task. Getting a building approval these days have really become tough. You need clearances from different government departments. However, in today’s hectic world, when we don’t have the proper time to give our families, we don’t really want to stick our feet in another laborious task. So, we mostly contact a builder.

Well, we, in this article, are going to tell you the steps to get a building approval so that you can be on the much safer side while acquiring a building approval from the authorized government offices. Check out the steps below.


Steps to Get Clearance for Building Construction

    • Land Title: Land title is one of the most important documents you need to get building approval. The land title is something you need before the beginning of the construction. Clear land titles will ensure the property as a clear and marketable property. The papers of the land title show us the current status of the property by checking if there are any charges or encumbrances on the property or not. The best way to check all these is to get an encumbrance certificate from the local sub-registers office.
    • Land Clearance: Urbanization is in everyone’s mind. People are even converting agricultural lands these days into non-agricultural lands for residential purposes. Now, if you, as a builder, want to do the same, you should take steps to get the required permission and approvals to do so. In these cases, the builder will need to contact a local body to get approval. After getting it from a local body, you have to notify the same to the State Ministry of Urban Development to make the needed changes on their side. However, getting a land clearance is much simpler for a property already being used for commercial or residential purposes.
    • Zonal Clearances: Once you got the land title and the land clearance right, now you need the zonal clearance. You need to get these clearances from the concerned authorities. Under the local body act, the revenue departments provide the ownership certification for the building you are developing. Before getting the zonal clearances, you need to circulate all the documents and proposals with the approvals in the concerned authorities of the city for no-objection certificates.
    • Building approval: Building approvals consist of other different stages such as the building plan approval, Layout approval, intimation of approval, and also the commencement certificate. You will find more about these steps on the internet.
    • Completion certificate: Once the construction has been completed, the builder is to get a mandatory completion certificate for selling the building. It will usually be issued after the officers of the concerned authorities inspect the work. This step will ensure that the building has been completed after the required approvals were granted, and the legal norms were fulfilled.


  • Approval for installing services and utilities: To bring the commercial project or residential project on its knees, you need to take permission from the concerned authorities for the installation of amenities such as gas, water, electricity, etc. the building needs to comply with all the building laws for this. Bedsides, a builder should also get a NOC from the pollution board, municipality, and other boards for getting water supplies
    and such works.
  • Occupancy Certificate: Once all these approvals are acquired, the builder now needs to get an occupancy certificate to start giving allotments to buyers. It is a certificate that proves that the building is done after following the proceedings properly. You should also take note that the building will be considered illegal if the builder does not get the occupancy certificate.

So, these are the steps you need to follow to get clearance for building construction. if you find any difficulties in getting clearance, consult a patta agent who had experience in this service. Check out these steps. Don’t miss out or skip any of these steps.

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