How To Get No Objection Certificate For Land Transfer?

How To Get No Objection Certificate for Land Transfer

No Objection Certificate For Land Transfer And How To Get It

NOC or NO objection certificate is an essential legal document. There are different types of NOC certificates. Some help you to move your vehicle from one state to another legally through the legal documentation and other paperwork. Whereas some of these certificates help to get permission for a person to continue with the purchase or construction of a property.

Without NOC, the concerned property will be bounded by legal hardship. In this article, we will be talking about ways to get a no-objection certificate for land or property and the things you need to know about it. So, we describe here to get NOC for land transfer in Chennai We will give a few more briefs about different types of NOC for lands and what you need to do to apply for NOC.

How To Get No Objection Certificate for Land Transfer

What is No Objection Certificate for Land Use?

No objection certificate for land use is a certificate needed when you want to use a part of a land for your purposes, but not willing to buy the whole property. The owner of the area provides guidelines that users need to maintain to use the land to serve his or her purposes. For example, say you need a part of the land in a Tea garden for tourism business purposes. You will then have to apply for a NOC for land use to the company who are the owners of the tea garden. They then can set some guidelines for you, such as no uprooting of the tea bushes in that part of the land and others.

No Objection Certificate for Land Registration

No objection certificate for land registration is a handy way to stop the mushrooming of illegal colonies across different states of the country. The government has started controlling the unlawful colonies in recent years, and NOC for registration of property has been one of those critical aspects helping them to do so. One cannot just transfer land or make a colony anywhere without the proper NOC certificates from the concerned departments. Without an adequate NOC certificate, one cannot even sell their property or land to another one.

Applying NOC for Land Transfer

To get a NOC for land transfer:

  • The applicant should visit the respective circle office.
  • Fill up the form of the no-objection certificate carefully.
  • The certificate has to be signed by both the seller and the purchaser.
  • All the required documents attached to the certificate has to be self-attested by the seller.
  • Pay the required fee to complete the application.

Once all the objections are checked and cleared, the deputy commissioner will issue the NOC.

Documents Required for applying NOC

Things Remember While Getting NOC in a Land Transfer?

While buying an apartment, an NOC from the builder is a must-have in every Indian state. Most apartments have a cooperative society that ensures easy and conflicts free living. Here is a checklist for the buyers that they must ensure these things on the NOC issued to him by the builder:

Authenticity of the certificate: Few builders are known to issue NOC on a white paper or sign them by a front desk official. So, the buyer should always check the Certificate of authenticity.

Name and address: Small builders are used to playing safe mostly. They issue a white label certificate that can be issued to any buyer. So, always have a personalized NOC with the buyer’s name and address.

Nature of the transactions: Transactions is complicated when the landowner’s share is also in it. The buyer should understand the terms and conditions of the sale properly before making a decision.

Payment details: While issuing a NOC, ensure that the information on the amount due to the seller, the service tax, transfer fees, and other things have a detailed mention in the certificate.

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