Get Patta For Your Land In Chennai

Get Patta For Your Land In Chennai

Get Patta For Your Land In Chennai

All the Indian states have their own rules, related to the property transaction and registration. In Tamil Nadu, the government has taken steps to make the process of property registration safer and more transparent. It has introduced Pattas for any type of property transactions. However, most of the residents in Tamil Nadu do not know about Patta, and they have a question on how to get Patta for registered land.

Get Patta For Your Land In Chennai

A special Record of Rights, known as Patta, is the government-issued legal document. It reveals everything about the property ownership details. The name, registered in this Patta, indicates the person, who has the legal right of owning the property. There is also a revenue document, mentioning the information on the previous property owners.

Why Patta is Must for Land Deals?

Before the introduction of Patta, Chennai sub-registrar offices have received several forged files at the time of the real estate transaction process. The fraudsters created fake registration deed and revenue records. Thus, to prevent these things, the government has informed that Patta is must for any real estate deal in Tamil Nadu. We have guided you on the Patta land registration in Tamil Nadu. The process to apply for Patta is not much tough to you, and our comprehensive information will make everything clear to you.

Patta land registration in Tamil Nadu

Issue of Patta

Most of us have a question on where to get Patta for land in Chennai. In most cases, Tahsildar deals with the process of issuing Patta. There are also other different officers to work on the Patta issuing process. The circumstances and facts can cause a difference to the authority, responsible for issuing Patta for your real estate in Chennai.

Patta of Various Types

As one of the applicants, you have to know about Patta of different types. The common Patta types include the extract from

  • Town Survey Land Register
  • Permanent Land Register

To send an application for Patta, you have to provide all your land details. After going through the verification process, you will get Patta with your name.

Learn More About the Process for Patta Application

You have to submit a form for applying for Patta to Tahsildar. You must also send all the relevant documents and details. The officer will issue it in an individual owner’s name or in the name of more than one owner (joint holdings). He may also ask you to submit the detailed information in a definite format. Before approving the Patta, he will ask you different questions.

Learn more about the process for Patta application

Steps to appeal for Patta

Visit the official website for Patta application online.

  • Go to TSLR Extract or Patta & FMB
  • Click on the district name, where your property is present
  • Enter all the details- Village, Block, Ward, Taluk, Sub Division number and Survey Number

You will get the e-certificate after the registration process is over.

Can you Register the Real Estate without Having Patta?

You may face a risk for buying the real estate without getting any type of approval. Patta, a type of document, helps in confirming the land ownership of a person. Thus, we think that it is better not to avoid Patta for land registration. In a few cases, the property owners transfer the Patta. For instance, after the death of the present owner, this Patta transfer becomes essential.

Can you register the real estate without having Patta

However, for this transfer process, also they have to go through various steps. You have to send the application to the officer and submit all the documents rightly. You will be able to make the application online to accomplish the process very easily.

We have told you everything about the Patta application process for real estate in Tamil Nadu. Still, you may have several confusions on this process. It is true that a mistake in this process will cause a delay in getting Patta. That is why you may look for a professional solution to apply for Patta.

There are highly knowledgeable Patta consultants to help you in this process. You may pay for the Patta consultancy services Chennai. These Patta consultants will make sure that you have filled in the form with the right information. They will also assist you in preparing all the documents, essential for availing Patta.

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