How To Get A Patta For Government Land? Is It Possible?

What is a Patta

How To Get A Patta For Government Land? Is It Possible?

Before getting into the subject, let us know what patta and chitta actually are. Well, they are the land revenue records maintained by the Government of Tamil Nadu. There, the documents of patta and chitta are considered quite significant when it comes to transactions related to land. It doesn’t matter if it is property transfer, legal opinion related to property, property pledge or any other thing; you will need the patta and chitta documents if you are staying in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Now, let us provide you with some light over how to get patta for the Government land.

What is Patta?

Patta is considered as the government record regarding the details of the ownership of the land, location, and the area of the land. It also includes the survey details of the land. If you are opting for purchasing any property, you must verify the patta documents to validate the fact that you are buying the land from the owner, verified by the government.

What is a Patta

If you are opting for selling land, it is mandatory that you have a valid patta of the land that you are about to sell. It will ensure your clear property title. After getting done with purchasing the land, the buyer must head towards the concerned Taluka office for the purpose of transferring the patta to the name of the buyer for maintaining the clear title. If you need any kind of consultation for this purpose, you can contact any Patta consultant in Chennai.

What Kind of Properties Needs a Patta?

You can buy register all kind of properties, including the government properties. To buy a government property, you have to either do patta verification for municipal land or patta verification for corporation land. But, if there is a property which is not visited frequently by the owner, it is obligatory to register that property. Here is the list of some lands, which requires a patta registration:

What kind of properties needs a patta

  • If there is land that is neglected without any kind of constructions, it needs the patta document the most.
  • Any property or the buildings that have witnessed some construction are also applicable for the patta land registration.
  • If there is any question regarding the ownership of any kind of properties; that question can be answered by the possession of a Patta. But the case will be different in case of the unconstructed plots.

Process of Getting Your Name Registered Under the Patta Land

  • The Tehsildar of that particular area will register your patta.
  • In order to register your name under the patta, you have to send an application to the Tehsildar, which will request him to get your name registered under the patta.
  • It is up to the Tehsildar that he will either accept or reject your application after going through it.
  • You may be asked by the Tehsildar to show the property, and then he will examine the property. Or, he can also ask for some documents that will validate that you are the new owner of the property. Next, he will match the documents with the ones that are accessible in the revenue office and change it according to that.

Online Process of Patta Registration

Online process of patta registration

There are some steps that you have to follow to go through the online registration process:

  • Step 1- Visit the official website of the Patta Chitta.
  • Step 2- In this step, you have to select Patta and FMB and also select the district, where your property is located.
  • Step 3- Here, you have to provide with the details of the property for which you will need the Patta. You have to submit details like villages, taluk, ward as well as the block, along with the subdivision number and the survey number.
  • Step 4- After submitting the details of the property, the Town Survey Land Register will issue an online certificate with the property details. The details will be comprised of the municipal door number, construction on the property, type of land, locality, and numerous other things.

So, these are some of the things that you need to take care of if you are opting for getting a Patta for the government land. Also, you have to make sure to get the Patta for corporation land.

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