Is It Possible To Get CMDA Approval For Patta Land?

Is It Possible To Get CMDA Approval For Patta Land

Is It Possible To Get CMDA Approval For Patta Land?

It is a dream of most of the Indians to own land. They also desire to buy a new house in their preferred region. However, a land or home buying process is much intricate. Lots of buyers face issues and cannot accomplish the process smoothly. Every state has also set their own rules for this transaction process. Nowadays, you can find several instances of unapproved developments on the plots.

Is It Possible To Get CMDA Approval For Patta Land

The absence of the right infrastructure and amenities has made them unapproved or unauthorized. Thus, these issues cause challenges to those, who are engaged in the real estate transaction. While the concerned authority has not approved any apartment, house or land, it may not be safe for you to purchase that property. Thus, the land’s undivided share will not be divided, based on the rules. There is also no chance of getting legal protection or security when you have acquired anything from a Government agency.

In most of the instances, the unapproved pieces of lands are a combination of Porampoke and Patta lands, and they may cause complication. In a few cases, the buyer buys those lands and start the process of construction. Later, they are forced to get approval from the right authority. While you are in Tamil Nadu, you have to get the approval from two authorities- DTCP and CMDA. Now, the question is- What is DTCP approval?

DTCP Approval – Why to Get It?

Directorate of Town and Country Planning is one of the special departments, looking after the developmental works in rural and urban regions. Master Plan is essential for the development in these regions. The layout approval helps in achieving the development process.

The developments have to be regulated with the building regulations and zoning rules. DTCP plays two major roles- One is related to rural, and another is for the urban front. This depart Chennai government and assists in the coordination of different departments. DTCP gives a genuine approval for the particular layout.

CMDA and DTCP- Know the Application Process

Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority is another authority to give approval for a property. You may have a question on how to get CMDA approval for Patta land. To have this approval, you must prepare various documents for submitting them to the authority. As one of the applicants, you have to submit

CMDA and DTCP Know the application process

  • The self-attested copies of lease deed or sale deed documents
  • Patta copies in the name of the owner
  • EC for 13 years
  • Certificate of legal possession
  • NOC from Rescue Service Depart.

Building plan Surveyor or CMDA official will inspect your site. You can apply for CMDA approval for patta land online and take the help of knowledgeable CMDA approval consultant in Chennai from reliable companies.

Now, you have to know the way to get DTCP Approval for patta land. For this approval, you must arrange all the relevant documents- One photocopy of the land document, registration copy, Patta document, EC and the paid challan copy. Or you can hire the professional dtcp approval consultant in Chennai to guide you in the right direction.

Patta Land and DTCP Approval

You know the fact that patta is a title, and you can get approval of DTCP approval for plots or layout. This authority will make sure that the developer, starting the development process, has received the order from the landowner. After the development and approval of layout by DTCP, this developer will get the opportunity of registering the plot.

CMDA Approval and Your Patta Land

Patta is just for your land. However, CMDA approval is essential for the flat or house to be bought. CMDA must also approve the land. Do not forget to have the approval of your neighborhood. The land should not be unapproved. In a few cases, you may find that although the apartment has got the approval, the land has caused issues.

CMDA approval and your Patta land

Most of us do not know the difference of DTCP and CMDA approval. Thus, let us tell you something about CMDA vs. DTCP. CMDA has particular jurisdiction limits, and it has the rights to give approval for the plots within this jurisdiction. Similarly, DTCP has also set its jurisdictional limit, and it sends the approval for the layout of the concerned plots. Thus, you have to know whether you must send the application for DTCP and CMDA.

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