Is Patta Required for Land Registration in Tamil Nadu and How to Register it?

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Is Patta Required for Registration in Tamil Nadu? How to do a Patta registration?

Patta is the documents that you need to have to prove your legal ownership on land in Tamil Nadu. This contains all the related entries of extending the landholding duration. Tamil Nadu is the third state to make Patta the prove of landholding after Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.
These are the basic information about Patta.

But is Patta Required for Registration in Tamil Nadu?

Before going to the topic, let’s make the concept of Patta clear. What is Patta? Well, Patta is the legal proof that a person owns a land. If Patta registered in someone’s name means s/he is the legal landholder of the area. So, needless to say, how important the document is. A Patta mainly consists of all the details and specifications of the owner and the property accordingly.

The government officers who are in charge of scrutinizing and approval of Patta are the Village Administration Officer, The Field Surveyor, The Zonal/Headquarter deputy Tahsildar and the revenue inspector. Now the question you have been asking for: Is Patta mandatory for land registration in Tamil Nadu? Tamil Nadu government are thinking about making Pattas legal for the land registration in the state to increase the security of the process and to bid advert scams. As per now, properties or lands in Tamil Nadu can be registered by furnishing either with the Patta document or the parent documents of the land.

patta agent in Chennai

The difference between the parent document of properties and Patta is that the parent document is the document what the previous owner of the land has acquired the area with. However, Patta is the revenue document that details all the previous owners back to the specified date. The officials and the experts think that Patta if made mandatory, is going to bring this process under double layer protection.

The revenue department of the state government of Tamil Nadu has sent their study teams to the states like Karnataka who have recently introduced the system. Some Registration Department sources have said that they are waiting for the formal communication from the revenue department. How to get Patta? Is there any Agent for getting Patta in Chennai?

Patta is the legal document issued by the state government of Tamil Nadu for the landowners. A landowner can use Patta for lands where there is construction work of the buildings, houses and buildings are going on. Although, if there are several owners of the property, they cannot get multiple Pattas for the same land, the Patta will have the names of the co-owners. It does not apply to the properties that do not hold divided shares.

All you have to do to get a Patta for the land is to approach the VAO (Village Administrative Officer) and submit your application. Or in some cases of exception, you as an applicant can approach the Taluka office in cases of involving different sub-divisions. Of involving different sub-divisions. Ou can expect to receive the Patta transfer on the fourth Friday from the submission date. Some Patta brokers in Chennai corporation will help you to get Patta. They will help you to acquire the Patta in ways like Transfer Property act, Orders from the state and the Succession.

These Patta brokers in Chennai knows the process to make your application successful. They will

  • Contact the local authority to transfer Patta
  • Submit the documents and the required copies to the relevant authorities
  • And they will also Change the Patta name to different owners.

So, in case you don’t know how to get Patta registration, you can contact one of the Patta brokers in Chennai. They will help to enclose your documents with your details and will ensure you get the Patta. However, in cases of legal disputes of any kind, you may need to visit the Tehsildar office.

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