Everything You Need To Know About Land Patta


Land Patta is the legal document for a legally owned land. It confirms that the landowner is the person in whose name the registration of Patta. Tahsildar’s office maintains all the records of these Patta related documents. It gets issued by the registers of Landholding. Pattas are the documents that signify the lawful possession of the land. It is an essential document required in property transactions.

What is Patta?

Patta is mainly a revenue record of the respective land. It is a document issued by the registers of landholding. The Tahsildars’ office keeps the history of these documents. This document gets published in the name of the person, or the persons, in whose name the record related to holdings have been maintained.

Why Patta such an Important Document?

There are various reasons for Patta being such an important document. Here in this article, we will talk about such points, why it is an important document.


  • Patta is a legal document: Patta is a legal document as it is a way to showcase the ownership of the land legally. Rights to property might arise in three ways. We have described them below.
    i. The Voluntary Act of Parties: The transactions of this classification fell under the Transfer of Property Act.
    ii. Inheritance of Bequest: This type of transaction fell under the succession related laws.
    iii. State actions, tribunals, or court orders can also be a reason.
  • On the nature of the property and the possession, you can obtain Patta with respect to the three mentioned transactions above.
  • Patta proves the lawful ownership of land. In disputes between the government and the landholder, or with a third party landholder, the Patta acts as a safeguard in the landowner’s favor. If the government acquires the land, the landowner(s) will get compensation. The government will provide this compensation as the landowner is the rightful owner of the property.
  • Patta will be the main document needed if you want to sell your property.
  • Patta is basically a document related to lands, and not the buildings. However, this might include the particulars that are related to the building coinpal.ai. In the case of apartments, various co-owners own the land, and it is in undivided shares. However, one might apply for a Patta jointly with all the co-owners. This secures the ownership jointly.
  • Patta is a must-have in cases of vacant plots of the lands. It establishes the lawful possession of the property. Patta is a primary document even in building structures that confirms your legal possession on the ground. Patta is an essential document as it also includes the measurement of the property.

So, these are the reasons why you should consider Patta as an important document.  But can you transfer it to related land transactions?

Can You Transfer Patta?


Well, you can surely transfer a Patta. They are given at instance at the time of selling a property, gift, or in case of death of a Patta holder. In the case of the death of the previous Patta owner, the legal successors of the deceased person can get the transfer of the Patta document in their names. However, if the deceased has a will, the beneficiary will get the Patta. But he or she will only if the legal heirs of the deceased do not objects. Patta is the main document that is about the land.

If Patta papers are not in the right order, you, as a landowner, will face hassles, and other complications, in any of your land-related transactions. Patta is a very important document, and here are the reasons why so. Patta is a vital land related document to safeguard the landowner.So, if you don’t know how to get patta for a property then consult a patta agent in Chennai

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