Is It Mandatory To Have A Patta For Every Property?

Is it Mandatory to Have a Patta for Every Property?

Patta is one of the most important documents when it comes to properties in Tamil Nadu. If you don’t have a Patta for your property, it will be considered incomplete. Well, we can understand that you are confused about whether every property needs a Patta or not. We are about to discuss the necessity of Patta.


What is Patta?

Before going any further, let us fathom the definition of Patta. It will help you to comprehend our discussion further. Well, Patta is a record of land revenue. If you have a Patta of your property, it will help you to establish the ownership of the property. Well, the Taluk office is in charge of maintaining the register. This register consists of all the Ownership details of all the landholdings. There are numerous details that you will find in a Patta. Some of the features that you will witness in a Patta are:

  • Name of the Taluk, Village, and District.
  • The number of the Patta.
  • Name of the owner.
  • Subdivision, as well as the survey number.
  • Whether the property is a wetland or dry land.
  • Tax details, and the area of the land.

Therefore, you can easily acknowledge the significance of Patta. It is an essential document when it comes to properties.

Why is It Necessary?

Well, we have already discussed that Patta is an essential form of document that is related to your property. Now, let us fathom why it is necessary. Well, it is required in the case of both vacant land and parcels with structures and buildings. To be precise, it is the primary document that affirms that you are the owner of this property.

Apart from that, it consists of numerous vital details like the name of the owner, size, of the plot, purpose of the plot, and numerous other things. Well, Patta is an essential document that you will need both for commercial and residential uses. Also, whenever a transaction related to land is happening, Patta is required. The best part is, it has become easier to obtain Patta these days.

What is the Procedure of Obtaining Patta?

Well, these days, obtaining Patta is not that tough. With the coming of the internet, you can now receive Patta effortlessly. To get a Patta, you have to follow a few steps. And after that, you will get the Patta pf your plot. Therefore, to help you out, we are about to provide you with the steps that you can follow. We affirm that it will clear out all your confusion. So, here are the steps that you can follow,

Step 1- Visit the Website

The first step involves visiting the website. There you will get the option of two languages- English and Tamil. You have to select the language according to your preference.

Step 2- Select View Patta and FMB/ Chitta/ TSLR Extract

In this step, you have to pick the Patta and FMB/ Chitta/ TSLR Extract. After that, you have to select the district where your property is located.

Procedure for Obtaining Patta

Step 3- Property Details

It is quite a significant step. Here, you have to provide some of the features of yours. Some of the details that you have to offer are the name of your village, taluk, ward as well as block. Besides, you also have to provide information like a subdivision number as well as the survey number.

Step 4- Obtaining the Patta

Well, it is the final step where you have to obtain the certificate. The certificate will be issued online by the Town Survey land Register. That certificate will consist of numerous details like the type of construction property, municipal’s door number, locality, and the kind of land. And if you want to check the validity of the certificate, you can check it online.

What Type of Properties Need Patta?

Well, the properties that require Patta are:

  • The abandoned without any constructions.
  • The properties where there are constructions also need Patta.
  • In case, if there is any question about ownership, Patta is essential. It will help you to
    prove that you are the owner of the property.

So, these are the things that you need to know about Patta. And in case, if you want to know some more details, contact a Patta consultant in Chennai.

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