Things You Need To Know About Property Tax Name Transfer


As we are progressing through the new age, the old documents are changing slowly. Our elders are passing the baton in our hands as they started resting. Now, it’s time that we know about the property tax name transfer process as we have to keep going with the new arrived set of responsibilities. So, here in this article, we are going to talk about how you can transfer names in the documents of property tax transfers.

How to change the names in the property tax records

This was a very complicated process even a few years back. However, the state government has made these processes all convenient and easier for the people. Most of the buyers nowadays give attention to the registered sale deed as the rightful owner of the purchased property. However, they forget to update the Property tax documents with the change of ownership. However, they should be aware of the fact that they need to update their names in the property tax records too.


Now unless the new property buyer initiates a change in the documents of the tax records, the official property tax records will be generated in the name of the old buyer. So, the former buyer will still be the legal owner of the land, and thus s/he will be responsible for paying the taxes as they have not notified the corporation about the transaction regarding the land sale. The new buyer, along with the updated property tax records, should also ensure all the receipts such as electricity bills, water bills, and other bills are initiated in his or her name.

Processes Need to Follow to Transfer Name Property Tax Records

Are you worried about the lengthy processes of official paperwork, and the extended visits to one office to another for the name changing process? Well, you don’t need to worry anymore. Because, these days the officials are very efficient, and the works have become faster. You don’t have to give three-four rounds of the same departmental office anymore. The process of changing the name in property tax records has become easier and faster these days, considering you have all the documents needed right in front of your hand.

Procedures Need to Follow for the Transfer of Property Tax

    • To transfer names in the papers of property tax, the applicant has to submit an application first. An assessor will scrutiny the application.
    • Once you complete this process, the assessor will take the building measurements (if required). Once the assessor is happy with the application, he or she will now submit the proposal to the Zonal Assistant Review officer.
    • The Zonal Assistant Review officer will approve the proposal
    • Once the proposal gets approval from the Zonal Assistant Review officer, the name transfer order (notice 9) will get issued in the name of the assessee. The assessee will also get the information of notice 9 getting issued in his or her name via SMS.

You can consult a property tax name transfer consultant in Chennai. We are dedicated to assisting you throughout the process of name transfer in the papers of property tax. However, you need to give them all the required documents. They might ask you for the record of sale deed, electricity bills and other documents too. Here is a list of documents that tax consultants may ask for.

Documents that Property Tax Agents May Seek from You


    • These agents will ask for the receipt of the last tax paid.
    • Attested copy of the sale transaction deed. This is a copy of the sale deed in the applicant’s name.
    • No objection certificate from the housing society associated.
    • Duly filled application for the form with signature.

You have to submit these documents with an application for name change in property tax papers to the authority. So, these are the things you should know about the property tax name transfer. Check the list, and assemble the papers so you don’t have to face any delay in the process.

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