Everything You Need To Know Poramboke Land

How to Get a Patta for Poramboke land in Tamil

Things You Need To Know About It Poramboke Land

Well, before fathoming the matter further, let us acknowledge the definition of a Poramboke land. The other name of the Poramboke land is Natham land. Well, a Poramboke land is nothing but the land that doesn’t fall under the list of revenue records. To be precise, it is the land that stays outside the revenue accounts. And for this reason, there are no owners of these Poramboke lands.

Now, let us know more about Poramboke lands and what we can do to get one of them. Is it possible to get patta for the Poramboke land? Yes, it is possible to get a patta for the Poramboke land. However, it is a bit complicated process as you have to meet numerous eligibility criteria to get a patta for the Poramboke.

How to Get a Patta for Poramboke land in Tamil

Well, it is tough to get the patta if your income is high or towards high. But, if you are a villager with a meagre amount of income, there is a possibility that you will get patta for the Poramboke land. You have to acknowledge that the vacant Poramboke lands are considered as the property of the government. So, we would suggest you do proper research before you are opting for a Poramboke area.

How to Get a Patta for Poramboke land in Tamil?

Well, there is a specific way to get a patta for the Poramboke land. Most of the times, the vacant lands are considered as the government property unless some of the villagers are going there and establishing their huts or pucca houses. Once the villagers construct their huts in the land, they can now claim the patta of that land. To get the patta for Poramboke land, they have to show their EB receipt to the revenue department.

They can also confirm their tax or house receipt. Well, either they will get the patta for the free of cost, or by collecting the value of the land. It will depend on their income. Well, the revenue department will not issue any patta if someone is using it for the commercial purpose. Also, you have to show the department that the land is under your custody for at least three years. So, if you were confused about ‘can we get patta for Poramboke land’, go through the above-written points.

Everything You Need To Know Poramboke Land

What is the Process of Getting the Patta for the Poramboke Land?

Well, the process of getting the patta for the poramboke land is not that complicated if you approach the professional patta agent in chennai or property consultant in chennai. So, let us acknowledge the process of getting the patta for Poramboke land. It will help you to take decisions in the future.

Step 1 You have to visit the official website of patta chitta. In Tamil Nadu, you will get the options of two images. One is English, and the other one is Tamil.

Step 2 Choose the extract of the patta, and select the district where your property is located.

Step 3 In this step, you have to provide the details of the property, for which you need the patta. You have to submit details like village, taluk, Ward as well as block. Besides, you also have to provide the subdivision number and the survey number.

Step 4 In this step, after submitting the property details, the Town Survey Land Register will issue the online certificate. That certificate will consist of the features of the property. There will also be the other details of the property like the municipal door number, type of land, locality, and the type of construction. In that website, you can also check the validity of the certificate.

So, these are all the things that you need to know about Poramboke land, and how to get the patta for it.

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