What is the Procedure for Patta Name Transfer?

What Is The Procedure For Patta Name Transfer Get A Comprehensive Guide

What Is The Procedure For Patta Name Transfer? Get A Comprehensive Guide

Patta, a type of revenue record maintained at Tahsildar’s office is highly valuable to the property owners. It is now one of the tools to prove that you have possessed your property in a lawful way. As you are presently holding the property, you will have Patta in your name. However, in a few cases, it is essential to transfer the Patta to a different owner. Now, we have talked about those instances, when this transfer is important to you.

What Is The Procedure For Patta Name Transfer Get A Comprehensive Guide

  • The Patta landowner has recently died without making a Will. Thus, the legal successors of that deceased individual have to obtain Patta to get the property or land in their own name.
  • Some deceased persons leave a Will. The beneficiary has to follow this Will and take the permission of other legal heirs.
  • When you have sold the property, you have to transfer the Patta directly to your purchaser’s name.

Thus, in all these instances, you have to go through a Patta transfer procedure in Chennai. We have shared with you some relevant facts on this Patta transfer. The proceedings, related to Patta transfer, take much time, and thus, you must not delay in applying for the transfer.

  • The procedure to transfer Patta name of the property is similar to that of Patta land registration.
  • A land buyer has to apply to Tehsildar for Patta name transfer.
  • This Tehsildar has the rights for accepting or rejecting application after reviewing the property details and the submitted files.
  • Legal successors, approaching Tehsildar, must prepare documents to prove their right for inheriting the property.

Now, the question is how to apply for patta name transfer.

At first, we have to tell you – What are the documents required for patta name transfer? Without the right documents, you may not be able to accomplish the transfer process. Thus, for this Patta transfer, you have to submit all the following copies

  • A signed application copy of your Patta transfer
  • Property possession proof (property tax or EB bill receipt)
  • Sale deed copy (Original one for verification)
  • Aadhar Card Copy
  • Encumbrance certificate

This Encumbrance Certificate indicates your proper registration information (survey number, registration date, date of agreement of seller and buyer, Mortgage deed, property value, seller name, buyer name and document number). It also reveals that your property has no legal and monetary liability.

The Application Process for Patta Transfer Applicants

Now, we have informed you about the process of how to get Patta transfer in Chennai. There is no online process for this Patta name transfer, but you can hire the best patta name transfer consultancy in Chennai, and they will do all the things for you.

Application process for Patta transfer applicants

  • Your first step is to identify your Land Survey Number. Then, access to any nearby e-Sevai Maiyam to send an application for Patta transfer
  • You have to take a photocopy of the application paper, submitted to e-sevai maiyam. The authority will send a confirmation message to your chosen mobile number.
  • Then, go to the office of Tasildhar, and have the Chalan copy from its Revenue department.
  • Fill the form with various details (Survey Number, Amount paid to the bank and three seals of Revenue, Treasury and Land Survey department).
  • Go to any branch of SBI and pay the right amount. The bank will take two copies.
  • Now, prepare the photocopies of the land-related document, e-sevai maiyam files and EC for submitting them to Tasildhar office.

After submitting the document to request for Patta transfer, you have to wait for at least a month. Still, when you have not found a response or reply for Tasildhar, you have to file RTI for your name transfer status. Most of us have a question on how to know the status of Patta transfer?.

Patta Name Transfer in chennai

You can check it online by having a visit to the official website. Input the details (application ID) to this site and hit the option- Get Status. It is very easy to know the status. However, make sure that you have not entered the wrong application ID. You can find the message of Pending or Done as the result of your status checking process.

Thus, we have informed you how and where to apply for Patta transfer. You may also take the help of the professional patta transfer agent in chennai corporation for this process. They will guide you in the right direction.

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