How To Check If Your Plot Is DTCP Approved Or Not

How To Check If Your Plot Is DTCP Approved Or Not

The real estate business is a trendy business these days. Investing in a real estate business will always mean that sooner or later, you are going to end up in profit for sure. The real estate business includes gated communities, plots and apartments, villas, and so on. In this DTCP approval is important for every property. However, you can find several pros and cons of this business, just like the other businesses too.

These investments primarily governed by the main objective or goal of an individual. It can be anything such as a small investment that they are looking to make a profit by selling after a few years. However, some people made this investment with a dream to move into their classic new home with top-notch facilities. The market forces of demand and supply are one of the main determinants of real estate prices. The newspapers and the other media channels attracted consumers with new mind-boggling advertisements.


That induce the consumers to cash in for the DTCP approved plans. However, it is crucial for every customer to check if their plot is DTCP approved or not. If your plot is DTCP approved, then you are going to enjoy a hassle-free plot buying experience. However, if not, it can become a headache for you. So now, stop and think before you buy a new plot. And if you are wondering how you can get a plot approved by DTCP, then you are in the right place.

What is DTCP?

DTCP stands for Directorate of Town and Country Planning. It has come to existence under the Tamil Nadu Town and Country Planning Act, 1971. It falls under the Urban Development Ministry. Before DTCP, there was T&CP, which stands for Town and Country Planning, by 1920 act) was here. This DTCP has its jurisdiction all over Tamil Nadu except for the district of Chennai.

Chennai corporation has its own CMDA department to govern these things. However, the head office of DTCP is in Anna Salai Chennai. There are thirteen regional offices of DTCP spread across the state. There is also another approval authority under DTCP, which is known as LPA (Local Planning Authority). LPA offices are located in 11 of the Tamil Nadu Corporation. This LPA is a sub-committee of DTCP. The approvals given by LPA is also valid as it falls under DTCP. Now we have a better vision of DTCP.

How to Know If Your Land has a DTCP Approval or not?

This is a checklist task that you might check thoroughly to find out if the plot is in the DTCP approved plot’s list or not. Always remember that the real estate business is a completely unorganized sector of India. Drivers, registered reality houses, security guards, all of these people are a part of the Reality estate representation.

When you are having a conversation with a promoter, ask him if the plot is DTCP approved or not. But, do not just believe in his words. You should confirm the land as a DTCP approved one. SO, you should ask him for copies of the approval. You should also look for the year mentioned in the document.

How to Cross-Check the Approval Online

You should also cross-check the information. To cross-check, you should check the records maintained in the local district office. You can visit this URL to check the DTCP approval. This URL will lead you to a list that will show you the approvals year wise. You can check if the land you are opting for is DTCP approved or not from here.


Some Other Ways to Check the DTCP Approval of the Property

There are the regional DTCP offices that maintain records for the last ten years. If the year in the certificate is in between the last ten years, you can check the records on the regional DTCP offices. After ten years, these records move to the record room. So, you can get the older records by filing an RTI.

So, these are the information you needed to know about DTCP while buying a new plot. Hope these points will help you next time when you are opting to buy a new plot somewhere in Tamil Nadu. If you have any queries, hire a DTCP Approval Consultant in Chennai.

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